Thursday, February 01, 2007


We've reached a "Milestone" today, by entering into the second month of the project! Hooray for Monsters! ;-)



berdoz said...

i like this one.
i found your monster a day blog first, before that video one. This is inspiring. I think I will do the same thing. Whether or not i post mine i don't know. Thing is, I've been thinking about learning how to draw monsters for a few years cuz all i draw are people. I actually started drawing lots of monsters about 2 days ago but what happens is I do a few and stop for months. But I really want to do more but never inspired that much. But if I try every day I might just get really good at it. I think within the next few days i will start throwing some up. Please keep an eye if you want. and

Mr. Hawthorne said...

Right on. Glad you're digging the project, and that it inspires you to want to draw.

Just have fun with it. ;-)